Company background


2001June 27, 2001 The Limited Liability Company "VOLYN_ZERNO-PRODUCT" starts its activity. With a little cash asset it purchases the grain, processes it as deliverer, at the state enterprise "Lutsk Center of Grain Production No.1", state enterprise "Lutsk Center of Grain Production No.2", enterprise "Bonita" and sells the products of processing (flour, bran, and pasta) . The number of employees is 5 people.
March 18, 2003 Purchase at the auction of integral property complex of the CE "Lutsk feed mill" ("Lutsky kombikormovy zavod") led to receipt of 4,097.3 sq.m. of warehouse space and own dryer DSP-32
June 13, 2003 There was registered the Limited Liability Company "Lutsk feed mill" that was formed by reorganizing commercial enterprise "Lutsk feed mill". The number of employees is 35 people.
2004Increase of storage space by 1,600 sq.m. by building the warehouses.
2005April 4, 2005 Purchase of property certificates from participants of CE "Mlyniv feed mill" and the creation of Limited Liability Company "Mlyniv feed mill." Thus we received 10,450 sq.m. of production and warehouse space and drying devices DSP-32 and DSP-50 in Rivne region
DSP-50 in Rivne region.
2006Commissioning of silo-type elevator with the capacity of 10,000 tonnes of preservation at Lutsk, 10 Mamsurova str.
2007June 1, 2007 the Limited Liability Company "Mlyniv feed mill" changes its name to LLC "RIVNE-ZERNO-PRODUCT"
July 5, 2007 On the basis of this company there was commissioned the flour processing complex of Turkish production with the capacity of 60 tonnes/per day for grain processing
2008March 28, 2008. There was put into operation the SUKUP grain dryer in c. Lutsk, 10 Mamsurova str.

June 19, 2008 the purchase of property certificates of SVK "Volyn" and the foundation of the first agricultural company LLC "VOLYN NOVA" with the land about 1,100 hectares

April 16, 2008 there were purchased the real estate property items at the address urban-type settlement Rozhysche, 3 Pryvokzalna str., area of warehouse is 3,756.2 sq.m.. We got another station for carriages at station Rozhysche (358803)

August 28, 2008 Redemption of shares of founders of farming Enterprise Ltd. "Ukraine" with the lands of 1,258 ha

September 29, 2008 there was purchased the land for the objects in the urban-type settlement Rozhysche
2009September 13, 2009 Purchase of equipment for milking parlor (tree type) and transition to the chainless cattle keeping
First grain export was performed.
2010December 31, 2010 there was acquired land for sites in the urban-type settlement Mlyniv
Construction of warehouses at the address: Lutsk district, village Rovantsi, 5Promyslova str., to 15.2 tons
2011February 28, 2011 Commissioning of the mill Compact-2002 with the capacity of 60 tons/day of grain processing

September 2, 2011 - Purchase of real estate property in the urban-type settlement Senkevychivka (6 thousand sq.m. of warehouse space, Dryer DSP-32, located near railway station)

October 17, 2011 Redemption of shares of participants LLC "Millennium" (Volyn region, Turiy district, urban-type settlement Lukiv, 6 Smidynska str.). We got 4,505 sq.m. of warehouse space, grain drying complex M-839, the entrance to a narrow track of European type.

October 25, 2011 The acquisition of another agricultural enterprise SHTOV "Ranok", with 940 hectares of farmland.
Delivery of the 60 heads of Holstein cows from Germany.
2012February 14, 2012 the LLC "RIVNE-ZERNO-PRODUCT" increases the warehouse space by purchasing estate at the address Volyn region, Gorokhiv district, and village. Zvyniache, 24 Pryvokzalna str. (these sites €come another logistic site at the railroad), and in April in the village Mlyniv there was built another grain storage warehouse per 5000 tons.

April 14, 2012 One hundred percent redemption of share of farm enterprise "Lynivske" with the sown area increased by 255 hectares

June 17, 2012 to the charter capital of LLC "VOLYN-ZERNO-PRODUCT" at real estate at the address Volyn region, Gorokhiv district, c. Zvyniache, 26 Pryvokzalna str. Commissioning of elevator to 10,000 tons

September 6, 2012 Purchases of real estate (granaries) at the address: Volyn region, Kivertsovskiy district., village Derno, 44 Zhovtneva str.

October 18, 2012 Redemption of shares of participants of agricultural company LLC "V.Prometey" (total land bank for cultivation increased by almost 2,800 hectares, there was started the development of another type of cattle rearing - breeding of meat cattle)
2013Purchase of land at the objects of real estate in the village Zvyniache, Gorokhiv district (17,483 sq.m.) and additional land in urban-type settlement Lukiv (3,4591 hectares)

In July 2013 there was commissioned the grain complex of silo type per 7000 tons and floor (8,000 t) storage at the dryer STRAHL (с. Derno)

In July 2013 there were commissioned the storage capacities: warehouse of floor type and with storage capacity of 8,000 tons and grain storage of silo-type per 12,000 tons based on dryer SUKUP (village Zvyniache), warehouse with storage capacity of 3,500 tons (urban-type settlement Mlyniv)
2014In July 2014 in the urban-type settlement Mlyniv there was built the warehouse with storage capacity of 5,500 tons.

Purchase of land at the objects of real estate in the village Lutsk, 1b Rankova str., village Zvyniache, Gorokhiv district (4,0704 ha and 1,7482 ha)

The increase of agricultural cultivation areas through the acquisition of LLC "SBE Ukraine Rivne" (6250 ha), LLC "SBE Ukraine Volyn" (2,850 ha)

Commissioning of the second line of granaries at the address Gorokhiv district, village Zvyniache, 24 Pryvokzalna str. to 14,000 tonnes of storage based on dryer STRAHL
2015Building of social infrastructure of businesses: commissioning of dormitory (village Zvyniache), new office of c. Lutsk, and start of construction of the seed plant of village Zvyniache. The increase in land for agricultural cultivation through the acquisition of LLC "Volyn Agrarna" per 650 ha
2016Commissioning of a seed plant; restoration of the rail track for unloading of carriages with mineral fertilizers with the possibility of simultaneous serving of 15 carriages; Reconstruction of two warehouses for storing seeds with an area of 2 500 sq. m. – 24, Pryvokzalna Str., village Zvyniache, Gorokhiv district, Volyn region.

Purchasing of real estate of the former enterprise “Bonita” – 26, Rankova Str., Lutsk.

Construction of a new elevator of a silo type with an additional point of reception, separation, drying and shipment of grain with a total volume of simultaneous storage of 25 000t; construction of a mechanized grain warehouse of a floor storage with a capacity of 10 000t; Arrangement of a parking area of own freight transport with the area of 8 700sq. m. – 10, Mamsurova Str., Lutsk.
2017Commissioning of a modern grain laboratory; construction of a new line of elevators with an additional point of reception and separation with a capacity of 12 000t of storage and shipment to the railway – 10, Mamsurova Str., Lutsk.

Landscaping and reconstruction of production areas taking into account modern norms and requirements with the possibility of operative reception and storage of grain with a capacity of 1 200t for the needs of own mill production. Commissioning the department of flour packaging, arrangement of office and household areas – 26, Rankova Str., Lutsk.

Construction of a new line of elevators of silage type with capacity of 5 000t with an additional point of reception, separation and shipment of grain to a European standart railroad track. 6, Smidunska Str., urban village Lukiv, Turiisk district, Volyn region.

Extansion of the warehouse for flour bulk storage – 53, Pokrovska Str., urban village Mlyniv, Mlynivskiy district, Volyn region.

Increase of elevator capacities by 17 000 tones of simultaneous storage, separation with an additional point of reception and shipment to the railway; reconstruction of automobile weight station and laboratory – 44, Zhovtneva Str., village Derno, Kivertsi district, Volyn region.

Additional increase of the land bank by 2,000 hectares due to the acquisition of land – Myrne village, Horokhiv district, Volyn region.

Purchase and restoration of mechanized warehouses – 17, Pryvokzalna Str., urban village Marianivka, Horokhiv district, Volyn region.

Obtaining permission and commencement of construction of the only certified warehouse of plant protection products and liquid fertilizers storage in the region of 1 500 cubes. m. - 24, Pryvokzalna Str., village Zvyniache, Gorokhiv district, Volyn region.

In 2007 there was commissioned the flour processing complex Turkish HURMAK Compact 2002 with the capacity of 60 tons/day of grain processing. Once we have obtained the technology of flour production with stable quality indicators, developed TS for a new (improved higher) type of flour “Extra”, we faced the question of entering the market with the products under own brand. Thus in 2009 we founded the TM VILIA.
The word “Vilia” is formed from names – Vitali and Liliya- i.e., names of children of the founders. Moreover, Vilia is a celebration on Christmas Eve in western Ukraine, and thus carries a Ukrainian history in itself. Graphic representation was as follows.

Ear depicted on the logo meant that we deal with grain, rounded letters were aimed at a positive image creation, red colour of letters referred to youthful enthusiasm and energy of the team.

With the growth of the company: the emergency of different activities, positioning of itself as a service company not only engaged in processing of grain, but also providing services ranging from sales of seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, diesel fuel, machinery (both agricultural and transport) ending with bringing the harvest to the proper state, its preservation and sale; though we faced the issue of changing the visual image of the logo. We held re-branding, a new brand image appeared.
Ideogram present in the logo reflects the Slavic symbol of the Earth giving life and it combines ancient symbols: diamond-i.e., agricultural fertility symbol; square – symbol of order, stability, reliability, reflecting the four jobs on earth – soil preparation, sowing, taking care of crop, and harvesting; image of the guardian with hands up is a sign of protection of crop and all the initiatives of the company. In integrity the symbol brings to the company the new life of four primary elements: Body, Spirit, Soul, and Conscience. VILIA chose this symbol because it combines all the values that are inherent in the company’s staff. A man who creates a product is united by the spirit of the company. He puts his heart into work and works honestly. Colour of grass is the color of hope, which represents life, growth, renovation. Form – oval – symbolizes evolution, energy and innovation.