Volunteering and social projects


Enterprises of TM VILIA actively participate in volunteer activities. Employees repaired military equipment of Orzhiv military unit.

Owner of business, Eugene Dudka, is the founder of the charitable organization – Charity Foundation “Volyn-2014”, which has already provided

aid in the amount of UAH 7 mln. and more than UAH 30 mln. of founders’ fund in addition to the aid to all military units, which involve our countrymen (border guards – more than UAH 1 mln., special unit “Svityaz” – more than UAH 1 mln., 14 brigade – also over UAH 1 mln., as well as aid to Azov, Aidar, Dooku, 24, 128, 129 military units).

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There were purchased and transferred to the Lutsk border detachment, 51  team, the 12 cars; there were repaired the vehicles Kamaz 5320, ZIL 131 and  14 Detached Mechanized Brigade got 12 tires for automobile URAL- 375 (for mounting of multiple rocket launchers BM-21 “Grad”) thermal imagers Pulsar quantum HD50S, indicative value of these thermal imagers is about UAH 170 thousand. There were purchased and transferred seven batteries for radio stations.

To the hospital of Volnovakha station there was purchased and delivered the “First aid vehicle” filled with medicines, wheelchairs, clothing, cereals and sugar. There was repeatedly sent cargo with humanitarian aid to civilians.


Social programs:

  • Repair and construction of village and township roads
  • Support of energy saving technologies (installation of windows and doors in kindergartens, schools, and clubs).
  • Personal assistance to low-income and single persons
  • The acquisition of chess for each school, located on the territory of leased land and their handing over dd. September 1, 2015.
  • Free food for workers in the field.
  • Financial incentives for workers of enterprises (flour, sugar) to professional and religious holidays (Day of farmer, Christmas, Easter)
  • Free of charge transportation of employees to and from work by buses of the company.
  • Payment for accommodation of experts hired by the company, free of charge accommodation in the dormitory of the enterprise.
  • Granting of interest-free loans to employees of the company.
  • Leisure and recreation on the leased resort center by the company.
  • Organization of recreational and cultural trips.