A group of companies of TM “Vilia” is carring out the sowing of winter wheat. At present about 4,500 hectares have already been sown. The seed rate is 3.5 million similar seed per hectare. Simultaneous sprouts have been appeared on the first areas of sowing.

The second growth regulation of winter rape is carring out due to the scheme:

  • Karamba Turbo 0,5 l/ha
  • Orius 0,5 l/ha
  • Opercoat acro 0,07 l/ha
  • Solubor 0,5 l/ha
  • Basfoliar 12-4-6 1 l/ha

The desiccation of sunflower sowing was started with Alfa-dikvat with the norm of 1 l/ha.